Del Boca Vista 16

Del Boca Vista

Hello. It has been a long time, a very long time. So long that things have happened since the last post that are so monumental your head may melt trying to comprehend them. For example, one member of the band, the one voted best chest hair by FIM magazine 2014 now lives in Brisbane, Australia. As mentioned at our last gig, it was our last gig. I can’t get to rehearsals any more, it’s too far. Even if I could, my stuff arrived in Australia yesterday and my synthesiser didn’t make it in one piece (fret not, it’s insured).

So what remains? Well, we’re collaborating with Del Boca Vista on remixes and collaborative projects with their artists which can be seen on their website. Luke has started making solo music which sounds pretty damn badass and can be heard here. Lastly we’re still finishing that offcuts EP, which is 80% done, but had a 3 month break while my stuff was on the boat. Now once the synth is replaced, the final pieces can fall into place and we’ll release it here.

So yeah, changes aplenty! More to come, and soon hopefully. There’s a glaring hole where I’ve mentioned Jim’s musical output post-NH and my own and that’s because there’s nothing yet to report… but there will be! MARK MY WORDS.

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