English 22


if your gonna slag me of you could of used proper english
where bounce you livin hun?
where did you get that playsuit?
on it like carbonit
could you be more pacific?
aks per lightly them
you could of done better
im wandering whether its gonna rain l8r
your not alone
someone brought me a set of coffee cups for Christmas and the little ones all say ‘expresso’ on them. There just small coffee cups to, not even expresso cups. cudnt of got it more wrong lol.
ma gorjus babe
u looser
wos the marra?
james is on route to the airport lol
i know im been an idiot
the flat is five mints walk away
all the sudden i didunt know
Chillin wid lil man2day on sofa avin lots of huggles n watchin films,love u joshy lots n lots!!cein ma gorges bby lata n cookin dinna:-)x x
im goin for my new tatoo in abit cannae wait!
in liten me
the worst 2 words ever evented
where bants u livin hun?
Rite off t z bank we go see if its good/bad/medioka news
I can’t be asked 2 go2 wurk 2day
Lmao seee I’m physic :p xXx
oooooooooh politics ……. should be left to people with 2 arseholes , no morrels , arf a brain and a tendencie for oranges in the gob ! music has the power ! xx
that was obismol!
There just real people don’t put them on pedal tools.
😀 cant wait to see whats install for the rest of the week, eeeeeek!
Amm everithing that goes on that job centre jst go on that and send ur cv till everithing
For all intensive purposes
some money to tie me over
PIN number
I thought i was going to die last night on my way home, crash in to a car(brakes failes), in a doggie as fuck area, where peopel are looking in the car, and 2 phones got taken next to the car. Need my own car now.
buffy food cuming long now 🙂
A Really Annoying Habit Of Capitalising Every Single Word In His Updates, As If He’s Constantly Typing With His Little Finger On The Shift Key At All Times.
Dolphin-Wah potatoes
my son watchin telly loll!!!1
ioning well borin innit xoxo
good knowledge, very eyebrow
how did an 11yr old boy manage to travelle from manchester airport to rome on his own without a passport or a boarding pass. no wonder the countrys full of iiligelle imigrents.
You know what really aggravazes me?
The tin transfers some taist where as glass doesnt same reason a pint taists better from a glass then a plastic
hapy new year 2 u to m8
well gel
Enjoyed my first visit, disses pointed with showers and locker
Mind due was willing Chelsea to go the same way
I ad 1st 2 series on dvd bout 2 yr ago, no1 ad even erd bout it then. Best fing is wen they dnt keep t script n freestyle. Shit hot!
you need to up the auntie
Except my friend request!
lack toast intolerant
Cease the day hun
putting him on a pedal stool
I have had a anchoring for pizza since you posted this
nah mate got to get some beauty’s leap
how about fry day that is my choice then we can have a bucket of fried chick in
I Still cant beleive It, thats the Only thing worst then mosks
Some people need to grow up really they do its perfectic!!
Escape goat
As unposed to all other times when u are trying to start them
My patients has totally snapped this week

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